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Welcome to Female Firearms Training - Ladies only concealed carry classes

Offering Women Only Concealed Carry classes, private shooting lessons, and Try-Before-You-Buy range lessons.     

About Us

Dedicated Instructor

I am Shirley King and look forward to training you.  I am a NRA certified pistol instructor and a USCCA certified instructor.  I have been teaching firearms classes for 4 years now, and love it.  

I started out knowing nothing about firearms.  I had never shot a gun before, and was concerned about taking a concealed carry class with guys but decided to take the leap.  My instructor encouraged me get my teaching credentials and do women only classes.  I offer ladies only classes in a comfortable environment so no lady has to have the worries I had about taking a class. The rest is history!

High-Quality Classes

The small, women only classes are designed to allow the student to learn in a relaxed, non intimidating environment.  Class instruction prepares the student for the practical shooting portion of the class.  My classes include safe gun handling, fundamentals of shooting, and concealed carry information with an emphasis on safety.  Any lady can learn to use a gun safely and effectively.  I have picked quality guns for my firearms CCW class.  Various calibers of guns are available, and I fit the gun to the experience of the lady.

 I also have several smaller concealed carry guns for shooting lessons and the try-before-you-buy range class.  

My Motto

I am dedicated to offering high quality firearms training to women interested in obtaining their Concealed Carry Permit as well as those who are looking to develop shooting proficiency.  I know the anxiety of taking the big step of gun training and the women only concealed carry classes puts those worries to rest.  Any lady can learn to use a gun safely and effectively.  You Can Do It!

Classes Offered

Concealed Carry Class

The concealed carry course is a 3 - 3 1/2 hour class.  These classes are offered on Wednesday at 5 pm and Saturday at 2:30 pm.  Please call ahead to secure your spot in class.  Cost is $75.00 and includes your range fees and ammo.  No extra surprise charges.  

Completion of this class gives you the training certificate needed to apply for your Concealed Carry Permit. 

The class portion of the course includes firearms safety, fundamentals of shooting, places you cannot conceal carry even though you have the permit, reciprocating states, and what to do when stopped by law enforcement.

There is also a shooting portion of the class.  Each person goes to the range for a one-on-one shooting session.  There are 3 guns used for the shooting portion of the class.  20 rounds are shot.  

Private Shooting Lessons

Private shooting lessons are offered for $35.00.  This is a 1 - 1 1/2 hour shooting lesson at the range.  Price includes range fee.  Bring your gun and ammo.  These lessons are offered Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday afternoons and are by appointment only.

Try Before You Buy Range Lesson

Not sure what you want for a concealed carry gun?  Do a Try-Before-You-Buy range lesson,  I bring 5 concealed carry guns for you to try.  Price is $50.00 and includes range time and ammo.  

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Feel Free to phone, text, or email me anytime with questions or to schedule a class.  

All classes and lessons are appointment only.

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